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I have studied the topic of evolution and have identified several problems with the theory of evolution.
  1. The rock formations are composed of layer upon layer of rocks. Each layer of rock rests directly on top of the next layer without any indication that the layer below was exposed to long periods of erosion. This indicates the rock layers were formed quickly through large volumes of water. This hypothesis is supported by looking at the rock layers formed from the Mt. Saint Helens volcanic eruption in 1980.
  2. The fossil record shows variations within a kind of animal. One bird will have a long beak while another will have a stronger short beak. What the fossil record does not show are transitional forms where one type of animal (reptile) changes into another type of animal (bird). The variations within a kind are consistent with genetic selection where each generation of animals selects a different subset of the genes from their parents. Depending on the environment, different subsets will have an advantage. This is a loss of genetic information instead of a gain of genetic information. Evolution requires a gain of genetic information, which is not seen in the fossil record.
  3. Life is complex. Darwin's Black Box by Michael J. Behe documents how complex life is. A typical protein is made from 150 to 200 amino acids. Each location in the amino acid can contain one of 20 different kinds of amino acids. This means that there are 20^200 different proteins that have 200 amino acids. Most of these proteins would be of no use or harmful to a creature. In addition, many biological functions require many different proteins all at the same time before any of the proteins provide any useful function. It is not reasonable to assume that random mutation could simultaneously create all of the necessary proteins.
  4. Most dating methods indicate that the earth is not as old as required by evolution. By measuring the amount of salt in the oceans and the rate that new salt is added to the oceans by the rivers, one can calculate the maximum age of the earth. This indicates a maximum age of only 3% of common evolutionary dates. In addition, experiments on coal consistently show a carbon date of less than 50,000 years. Radiometric dating often produces 'dates' that are known to be bad. Only volcanic rocks can be dated using long age radiometric isotopes. Different radiometric methods can produce vastly different dates for the same rock. When rocks at different layers are tested, sometimes the layers at the top have older 'dates' than the lower rock layers!
  5. Before evolution can start one must have life. Where did life come from? Before life can start one must have matter. Where did the matter come from?